The diverse experience and skills within our team provides us with years of experience in all areas of insurance. We specialise in:

¨       Loss Adjusting
¨       Risk Mitigation Analysis
¨       Pre and Post Loss Claim Management
¨       Claims Preparation
¨       Dispute Resolution
¨       Compliance

Post the 2011 Bangkok Flood, Pacific Claims was retained by a major Re-Insurer to assist in the settlement of Major Claims.  During this time we recognised that although many Underwriters and Re-Insurers had contracted to the major brands there was a deficiency in a working knowledge of local policy wordings, re-instatement costs and restoration options.

We also identified that Asset Owners were not prepared to respond to this type of catastrophe. Correct policies, cover limit analysis, up-to-date documented information and loss testing had not been established. We also identified there was no clear understanding as to how to prepare the claim to ensure the maximum correct entitlement was received.

We have staff from various professional and trade backgrounds. They bring with them experience gained in a wide range of industries, providing them with an indepth knowledge and greater understanding of the vagaries of business.  Whilst we have experience and skills across many industries and areas, our expertise includes: